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Social Debate...Anonymously!

What is JuryPub?

Simply, JuryPub is Social Debate Anonymously or Social Mediation (mediate before court--free).

A website designed for people to settle disputes before filing in court -OR- debate about a topic (news article, video, image, document, etc). Votes on a case can help the parties involved.

Registered users can use the site in the following ways:

  • Juror
    Vote with optional comment box.
  • Expert
    Help with your expertise in your field.
  • Plaintiff / Defendant
    Debate a case.
  • Plaintiff (no defendant email)
    Posts to Bulletin Board.

Participation is not only fun, it's serious fun!

JuryPub is a social debate tool for people to sort out and understand the problem. When both parties resolve together, the decision is mutual. Maybe an Expert or Juror may have a suggestion or knowledge to help in the case. No computer algorithm or judge tells people what to do. Let people learn, understand and decide. It is the meeting of the minds to work out the differences. Users on the site can help others by their vote and maybe even a suggestion.